EDSA Summer Camp Dubrovnik

EDSA Summer Camp Dubrovnik is an international project for dental medicine students, who have the opportunity to stay in Dubrovnik for a week during the summer months.

The camp is part of the mobility projects of the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA) organized by students of the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb.

During the seven-day camp, there are many lectures and workshops organized, in which students improve their skills and knowledge in many areas of dentistry. Participants can learn from both Croatian and the world’s great lecturers. There are also social and cultural facilities such as sightseeing the city, taking a city wall tour, going kayaking and visiting the island of Lokrum.

The main goal is networking and connecting among students from all over Europe, as well as gaining experience and improving communication skills. Since the camp is held during the summer, participants can exchange ideas, experiences and reflections enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Students are revealing their fun, sociable and relaxed side, away from the stress they face during their college classes.

All the European dental students can apply.
See you in Dubrovnik!