“Sonda“ is a student professional magazine of the Faculty of Dentistry that is published twice a year. It was published for the first time in 1999 under the name Dental Probe, under the leadership of the student at the time, and today’s Assistant Professor Davor Illeš. The magazine has become one of the most recognizable and long-lasting projects of our faculty over the years. The magazine publishes professional papers, teaching texts and current news related to the academic life of teachers and students. The authors of all papers are students of the Faculty of Dentistry in cooperation with teachers and numerous external collaborators.

To date, 44 issues of Sonda have been published. The editorial staff consists of students, who completely create each issue. Since dentistry as a science is advancing rapidly every day, Sonda tries to keep up with all the latest knowledge from the profession, and because of this, it has become indispensable literature for students to study and pass exams more easily. The continuous growth and high-quality work of Sonda is also indicated by the fact that the readers are also doctors of dental medicine, and Sonda can be found more and more in the dental practices of our neighboring countries.

For its activities, Sonda is in the academic year 2010/11. awarded with the Special Rector’s Award.